Seneca College – Independent Illustration Diploma

Business-oriented illustration program focusing in all major illustration industries resulting in a strong understanding of both practical application and theoretical methodology.

University of Toronto – Honours Bachelor of Arts with Distinction, Major in English, Double Minor in Philosophy and Writing and Rhetoric

General Arts education used as a method of broadening my mind and increasing my knowledge and understanding of the world around me. Heavily influences my comics work, both in technical writing ability and abstract thinking.

Dalhousie University – Bachelor of Arts, Major in Theatre and Costume Studies

Theatrical and historical based program with costume design elements. Reference point for the majority of my current work in terms of costuming choices and understanding of fabric manipulation. Incomplete degree, transferred after second year.


Open Studio – Work Exchange

Office staff and assistant at local print making studio. I create collateral based off the established look of Open Studio’s marketing items, organize files and artist submissions, and any job required by the staff.

Seneca College

Two term TA for a once weekly extra life drawing session as well as aide for staff members. Ran the zine workshop during the launch of the Seneca College Zine Library.

AGO and Seneca College

Comic artist for a four night joint event between the Art Gallery of Ontario and Seneca College creating comic pages in response to the recent Emily Carr exhibit, From Forrest to the Sea: Emily Carr in British Columbia. The page created on the second night was bought by Seneca College as a gift to a major donor at the July 2015 graduation ceremony.

Iguana Books

Contract illustrator for local Toronto-based publisher; cover illustrator for recent historical drama, Home Fires by Susan Cameron, which is the company’s best-selling book to date.

Houston Ballet

Two summer internship coinciding with my time at Dalhousie; after my first summer I was invited back to join the team any time I so wished. Responsibilities included shop upkeep and inventory, ordering low inventory, working with multiple supervisors to do major alterations, construction, and cutting of Men’s jackets, as well as the creation of the Snow Queen tutu for the use of the Houston Ballet Academy.


Chair  on Seneca College Independent Illustration Advisory Committee

Director’s Guild of Canada

Open Studio




  • Making of an Android, webcomic – 2014-2015
  • 11:59, horror zine – Canzine 2014
  • Unexpected Places, kid-friendly zine – Canzine 2015
  • Outside the Expected, art zine – Canzine 2015
  • Funguy Fungal, 18+ zine – TCAF 2016
  • The Desert King, fantasy zine – currently in production



  • Toronto Indie Arts Market April 2014
  • Canzine 2014
  • From the Forest to the Sea: Emily Carr in British Columbia
  • Editing Goes Global Vendor 2015
  • Seneca Live Comics Syria Refugee Fundraiser
  • Canzine 2015
  • TCAF 2016
  • Seneca Live Comics Syria Refugee Talk @ York U
  • Canzine 2016
  • Graven Feather’s In the Round 2016
  • Art Toronto 2016 (as part of Open Studio)
  • OCAD’s Art Book Fair 2016
  • Open Studio’s Artist Proof Sale
  • Graven Feather’s Holiday Art Market